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The true secret is the positive message hidden among the pleasant experiences. Only those who dig will find. All will get something from the journey.

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About Kim A. Atoms & Will A. Neese

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   I've heard the saying, "Those that can't do; criticize, teach or write." This may be slightly true in this case because I wrote to keep from doing. 

   However, the saying that all those who write romance novels are nuns (implying they don't & can't have what they write about) would be wrong.  

  Fact: An asexual None (my take on the aforementioned word) proofread the series repeatedly since 2003, but I was a retiring doer when I wrote the stories.  Rochelle Faircrest was born during a time where I transitioned from married to divorced. 

   To remain faithful to a code of honor and the legal contract, the desire and energy no longer required was purged from me and saturated the pages to infect others with sensual abundance. For that, I apologize. - Kim A. Atoms

   Will A. Neese - As it is often with those who care about individuals, I empathize with someone who walked a path I did not. I will also do the same for you, if you so desire. Compassion costs you nothing.

Our Community


   Faircrest Secret Keepers group on facebook is available for questions, comments and recommendations concerning Rochelle and her friends. 

   Discussions using the secret series' characters as the safe focal point for our posts on humanity's strengths and weaknesses, human interaction, private and public needs of individuals to be accepted, self and group perception and if any comes close to truth.

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   Kim A. Atoms & Will A. Neese reside in the U.S. and longs to see as much of the world as possible. 

   They are self-proclaimed students of human nature and are more concerned with the storyline of others than the chore of talking about themselves. 

   They hold a college degree while still auditing the subject of life; endeavoring for mastery. 

   During interactions, they encourage Faircrest fans to share any crowning achievements in their lives, so the positive energy will infuse others. 

   Inspiring stories and pictures will be posted.

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