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Can You Keep A Secret? First Glimpse & background

    Rochelle Faircrest has found herself alone in her relationship with her boyfriend; trying desperately to regain Jackson Davis’ interest.

    The day Rochelle's childhood friend, Steven Hatfield, returns to Springfield, Jackson seems to have remembered how to touch Rochelle's body. There is just one problem, what will Ro find once the blindfold Jackson placed on her eyelids comes off?

Can You Keep A Secret? Learn About the Dark Fantasy

    Rochelle Faircrest is trying to adjust to single life without Jackson, or the comfort of her close childhood confidant. The transition process is slightly intimidating and the stress of facing the rest of her adult life alone causes a nightmare of epic proportions.

    Rochelle is in unfamiliar territory when Steve and other males are involved in the overwhelming sensual context. But just like with all good things, the fun ends in a terrifying and unexpected way.

Can You Keep A Secret? Perfect Boyfriend in Eight Part Harmony

    Rochelle Faircrest is tired of licking her wounds and is now ready to take on adult male/female relations. Problem is, she has no desire to belong to any one person again and there are just too many tasty men to choose from. 

    Rochelle reminisces about how she met all eight of her stiff ones and the pleasure she received from their capable hands.

Can You Keep A Secret? Be Careful What You Ask For

    A relaxing drive in the rural area of Springfield has Rochelle Faircrest stumbling upon a find which causes her to require more than normal to erase her sexual need. 

    With eight men to choose from, it leaves her with a hard decision. 

But as Ro runs through her list of candidates, a thought occurs to her. Why should she have to choose just one?

Can You Keep A Secret? Repercussions of a Hidden Agenda

    Rochelle Faircrest broke one of her strictest rules; never allow her sex life to intermingle with her private life. 

    During the attempt to evade purgatory, Rochelle decides to take a slight detour from getting her life back on track, by finding some womanly softness to cuddle. Since her men do not follow the rules, why should she?

Can You Keep A Secret? The Game is Torn Asunder

    Rochelle Faircrest's carefully run life is unraveling at the seams due to the persistence of one of her playmates. 

    What will be the outcome when one player fails to follow the established rule: nothing personal, just hair-raising, toe-curling, mind-blowing action!

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Forgetting Rochelle

    Steven Hatfield should automatically know the words, people change, carries a grain of truth. The child he thought he knew, grew into a sexy woman he had no business knowing, during a time she was not free to be taken and taken again. The brief time of stolen fruit and the years after, when the female really grew into her sexuality, have been plaguing Steve's marriage and mind.

    Now he is back in his hometown of Springfield; hoping the third time will rid him of the images of a lovely female before he loses all he has come to hold dear. Steve plans to purge his mind by listening to stories of Rochelle Faircrest's limitless appetite directly from the mouths of her eight, willing, warm bodies. 

    This self-appointed mission may make forgetting the inexhaustible woman an impossible task, but Steve must not fail.

Guilt By Association

    Rochelle Faircrest finally stepped away from the boredom of Springfield for a few weeks to visit Steven Hatfield during the birth of his second child. Something so simple always turns so very complicated when Rochelle is added to the mix. 

    Being her sensually over-stimulated self has won Rochelle and her man an invite to a provocative club. The adult activity may be perfect for some but would cause Atlanta to burn in a sensual fire if Rochelle's vivid imagination becomes activated at the wrong time. 

    Rochelle has been simmering, due to having a young child in the house. Regardless, trouble has her name written all over it. It does not matter that Rochelle is doing her best to behave and keep her appetite in check. Someone else is out for blood and wants to show Rochelle how much better they can do her than anyone else in her life.

Designs of a Man

    Marcus Robinson questioned what made a male a man ever since he was a little boy; trying to find out who he wanted to be. A strong father figure in Marcus' life walked the talk; living the answer to the youth's question. Marcus had to hold on tight to his positive attitude when males, erroneously labeled as family, decided to leak Marcus' shameful secret. 

    The lone journey of a man with below average equipment was not always pretty. By fighting for what he feels he deserved, Marcus won the attention of a feisty female who loves to use Marcus' equipment if there is no personal attachment. 

    Marcus prevailed in the struggle of mind over matter. Will he be able to win the battle of mind over commitment-phobic mind to steal the popular, friendly female away from her other seven male suitors?

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We are not above acknowledging our readers, especially our first. Dedication from each paperback.


    Thanks to Kesha and Alexis for being interested observers in the human condition and agreeing to be one of the first to cheer Faircrest on. - Dedication in "Can you keep a secret? First Glimpse & Background" - Kim A. Atoms

    To Teasha, a live wire who without suspicion accepted my habit of making fast friends, allowing me the opportunity to enjoy her sense of humor and her ability to accept and pass on kernels of truth.  You are appreciated Tee. - Dedication in "Can you keep a secret? Learn About The Dark Fantasy" - Kim Atoms

    To Nana, the character everyone can relate to.  Worst enemy, best friend, greatest confidant, diabolical parental informer, protector from outside tormentors and the secret in-house bully better known as a big sister.  Love you. - Dedication in "Can you keep a secret? Perfect Boyfriend In Eight Part Harmony" - Kim A. Atoms

    To Mr. Anderson.  Our friendship over the decades has survived the slings and arrows of life.  True, you were mostly in a sling because of my many well-meaning verbal arrows.  The golden bond is stronger because of this testing or we developed thicker skin due to forgiving.  Maybe our shorter memory span helped by forgetting the slights.  Hum.  I leave the decision to you.  (Yeah, I am unable to recall your first name at this time, add it to my account.  Thwamp.)  - Dedication in "Can you keep a secret? Be careful what you ask for"-Kim A  Atoms

    To Mr. C.  You lent your ear in the beginning during a time of great pain and that kindness solidified a long-term friendship spanning decades.  You are a chosen brother who could not be dearer to me than if we had shared the same womb. - Dedication in "Can you keep a secret? Repercussions Of A Hidden Agenda - Will A. Neese

    Much thanks to an Alpha male who took up the mantel of mentor without reservation or complaint upon witnessing an individual determined to fill the gaps in their knowledge and experience. To Greggory, the embodiment of the spirit of great leaders; avoid crippling the masses by doing it for them, embolden them by teaching them how and why they should do it for themselves. - Dedication in "Can you keep a secret? The Game Is Torn Asunder" - Kim A. Atoms

    Some may wonder who is Johnny?  She is proof that an apparent private introvert can be energetic, alluring, knowledgeable and empathetic to friends yet to be made.  I applaud your open-heart, J.  Thanks for your feedback. - Dedication in "Forgetting Rochelle" - Will Neese

    To “Big D”, a fellow fire child.  You and yours have been an encouragement since the early stages.  Hearing the excited recounting of the action in the stories added fuel during a time when thoughts turned to keeping the number of readers low.  Thank you.  I will allow the written dialogue to flow so there can be verbal discussion. - Dedication in "Guilt By Association" - Will A. Neese

    To Mrs. Angie.  You and yours made me and mine feel welcome in a new place.  Upon that first meeting, your name was committed to memory even when your busy life kept you from view during the following years.  Thank you for extending that welcoming spirit once more in this endeavor. - Dedication in "Designs Of A Man" - Will A. Neese

Credit for the cover art of the secret series books goes to:


Book titles with responsible cover artist

Can You Keep A Secret 

Artist: Viergacht

Forgetting Rochelle 

Artist: DesignzbyDanielle

Guilt by Association 

Artist: LaLimaDesign

Designs Of A Man 

Artist: Willsin

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